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Execs name 12 cabinet members

The ASSU executives have named the members of their cabinet, a group of students tasked next year with carrying out the campaign promises of student body President Angelina Cardona ’11 and Vice President Kelsei Wharton ’12.

The executives on Wednesday named 12 cabinet members, a smaller group than the 21-person team of former President David Gobaud, a coterminal student in computer science.

John Haskell ’12, chosen last month, is set to lead the group as chief of staff.

Several ASSU insiders are among the cabinet members, including Ryan Peacock, a doctoral student in chemical engineering who ran for executive with Jonathan Bakke last month and came in second to Cardona and Wharton. A former member of the Graduate Student Council, Peacock was named the chair of graduate student issues.

Elise Geithner ’13, who ran on a four-person slate for sophomore class president that also came in second, was nominated as chair of campus organizing.

Viviana Arcia ’13 was an ASSU Undergraduate Senate associate this year; she is set to join next year’s executive cabinet as the chair of women’s issues.

Warner Sallman ’11 was a class president as a sophomore; he was nominated as the executives’ social chair.

Among the other nominees is Theo Gibbs ’11, the outgoing president of Students for a Sustainable Stanford, who was named the sustainability chair.

Tenzin Seldon ’12 was named chair of diversity, tolerance and equality; Taylor Winfield ’13, chair of health and wellness; Amanda Mener ’12, chair of student life, academics and cost of living; Demetric Sanders ’10, chair of marketing and design; Neveen Mahmoud ’11, chair of service; Taylor Savage ’13, chair of technology; and Vivian Wong ’12, chair of disabilities and accessible education.

The cabinet members are subject to legislative confirmation.

— Elizabeth Titus