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White girls only

It was powerful to witness and take part in this tide of collective consciousness. It was also easy to copy and paste, pat myself on the back, and forget about racial justice in the long term. Now... Read More »

Perceive responsibly

As I peck at my keyboard on the uppermost floor of Green Library, my lenses are smudged with fingerprints. Through the window I see the tops of the palm trees against a background of generous blue and... Read More »

A storm of words

Stanford has always been a place that engenders discussion on a general smorgasbord of topics. This is one of the things I love most about the place — the diversity that begets awareness. Yet as I... Read More »

Enough of Shakespeare

Mina Shah

Oppression fundamentally changes all social institutions eliminates all prospects of a “universal human experience.” It is fundamentally impossible for two people to interact without histories of... Read More »

Women in technology

The Computer Science department is celebrating a new milestone this year: for the first time, computer science is the most popular major for women at Stanford. While I could not find the percentage... Read More »