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The Stanford Daily is an award-winning publication with a strong campus presence:

  • we’re the #1 campus publication
  • we’re independent of the university
  • we”re a non-profit organization
  • we print daily
  • we’ve been around for 120 years
  • we focus on Stanford community issues that no other paper covers (campus news and events, opinions)

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  • The Daily is all-student written and edited (supporting over 100 writers)
  • we host educational programs and seminars that support writing and editing
  • we send representatives to national conferences on journalism
  • our Daily Fellows program for writers mentors newcomers and offers seminars, guiding new writers through their careers at The Daily
  • we encourage passion for journalism through scholarships and internships

We build community.
We also boast a much stronger off-campus presence than many other campus newspapers.

  • we distribute to over 100 locations off-campus
  • local high school students are encouraged to participate in both our reporting and business summer internship programs