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Covfefe meets Paris

But those facts shouldn’t make covfefe the leading story of the day. Even though President Trump has not announced his final decision on the Paris climate agreement, according to CNN, two senior US... Read More »

Rape anxiety

It’s a general feeling of fear — it’s having to weigh the chance that you won’t be safe when deciding if you want to go to a meeting across campus at 9:30 p.m. And the more I talk about it... Read More »

Watching Trump

Over the last week, President Trump has expectedly dominated headlines. But beyond reports about his inauguration turnout, the subsequent lie told by his press secretary Sean Spicer, and the media’s... Read More »

American dreaming

My problem with Obama isn’t the more traditional, pointed kind that I can tie to a real issue, policy or decision. I have those too, but this one is more persistent, more vague, and it’s partly... Read More »