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Peace Prize politics

While understanding that President Santos’s desire to bring peace to the world and his efforts to get the accord passed are important and ought to be lauded, it remains unclear whether he ought to... Read More »

Bubble bursting

People who have been reading this column for a while know that I try to write on subjects that “burst the bubble” of Stanford. This campus (and the information circulating in it) can make a... Read More »

Save the whales!

Last week, a sperm whale washed up and died on a beach in Hunstanton, England. This might not be such a huge deal, were it not for the fact that in the past month or so, a total of thirty sperm whales... Read More »

More assaults on refugees

Earlier last week, Denmark’s parliament passed measures allowing refugees to come into the country for a time. These measures, meant to deter refugees from seeking asylum or longer-term habitation,... Read More »