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On poetic truth

The more poetry I read, though, the less I think about objective truth. It is certainly important to have it, but what makes me feel exhilarated and full-stomached and out of breath when I read poems... Read More »


Images give us a respite from the ever-occurring events of our lives, as continuous as the time in which they pass, which we try to make sense of and often find that we can’t. Read More »

Intimacy in academia

Last week, I was suddenly overwhelmed by quiet panic during a lecture; in trying to go over in my mind arguments encompassing Hamlet or Montaigne, I felt incapable of accepting or understanding their... Read More »

To burn and to love

The wonder that perpetual, incendiary sunset evoked within me, I realized, matches the widespread narrative image of love as burning, as something so beautiful as to necessitate destruction. Read More »