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Holly is a Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolution, with interests that range from marine microbes to trees and mushrooms to the future of human life on this swiftly tilting planet. She's been writing "Seeing Green" since 2007, and still hasn't run out of environmental issues to cover, so to stay sane she goes for long runs, communes with redwood trees and does yoga (badly).

Let It Burn

MINERAL, CA – If Sierra Nevada granite is built of slates and blues, then Lassen’s volcanic rock is painted in roses and golds, I think as I watch the National Park’s iconic peaks flush at... Read More »

Droning On

Two days ago, a United States military drone operation in Pakistan killed another Taliban official. The mission was only the latest in a series of more than 350 drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004;... Read More »


I am a runner. I was born a runner: I was the kid at recess sprinting back and forth on the field for the sheer joy of it. (Sometimes, I pretended to be a horse and, post-Jurassic Park, a... Read More »