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Holly is a Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolution, with interests that range from marine microbes to trees and mushrooms to the future of human life on this swiftly tilting planet. She's been writing "Seeing Green" since 2007, and still hasn't run out of environmental issues to cover, so to stay sane she goes for long runs, communes with redwood trees and does yoga (badly).

Sex on the beach

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Many hatchlings are not expected to survive to maturity, and in fact most sea turtles are endangered, so ensuring successful nesting is a major conservation goal. Many turtle-nesting beaches are... Read More »

Weather or not

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If we fail to deal with climate change, managed relocation — physically distributing members of at-risk species to new, potentially suitable habitats — could help at least a few species escape... Read More »

Sex Sells

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It's an uphill battle in a political environment that, regardless of the (increasingly unequivocal) state of climate science, is viciously polarized. One side is populated by arguments for heading off... Read More »

Seeing the Light

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At last, solar power seems ready for the big stage. Finally at the same price point as traditional electricity generation, solar is no longer the pet project of wealthy greenies and will increasingly... Read More »

Roundup Un-Ready

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“Why is that man dressed like an astronaut, Dad?” I must have been 10 or so when I asked that question from the back seat of the car while my parents drove by a golf course. The seeming astronaut... Read More »