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Lyons reportedly confirms Michigan transfer

Senior corner Wayne Lyons plans to transfer to Michigan for his fifth year of eligibility, Rivals reported on Tuesday.

Senior corner Wayne Lyons will be heading to Michigan for his fifth year of eligibility. (JIM SHORIN. SPO)

Senior corner Wayne Lyons will reportedly be heading to Michigan for his fifth year of eligibility. (JIM SHORIN/stanfordphoto.com)

Though speculation surrounding Lyons has been swirling for some time, he reportedly texted Rivals that “there is some truth to the rumors” and that he will take a visit to Ann Arbor.

There has yet to be an official confirmation from Lyons, Stanford or Michigan.

This is not the first time a member of the Stanford football program has been rumored to join Jim Harbaugh at Michigan since he was hired in late December. Just days after Harbaugh became the Wolverines’ head coach, it was widely reported that Director of Football Sports Performance Shannon Turley would rejoin him in Ann Arbor.

Those claims were later refuted, and Turley remains with the Cardinal. However, Lyons’ reported text message is a much more direct indication that he may be leaving the Farm than the Turley rumors were. Adding to the speculation, Michigan recently hired Lyons’ mother as its director of player development.

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  • pedro suarez

    Gonna have to change that number! #GoBlue

  • Candid One

    JB, whenever a senior approaches graduation with remaining athletic eligibility, a salient issue is generally overlooked by myopic sports fans–is grad school at the alma mater viable or desirable?

    While this may not be on Wayne Lyons’ specific agenda, grad student status is not a likely “cruise control” issue. Grad school enrollment at Stanford is a separate process with a different range of possible options or obstacles. We don’t currently know how much of Kevin Hogan’s delay in announcing his stay was based on coordination of such decisions and processes.

    Many of the familiar past and current 5th-year seniors had fairly vanilla undergrad majors and continued into established grad school programs at Stanford. Wayne Lyons may not be in that facile disposition for grad school continuation…he’s an architectural design major. While he’s a good student and should graduate comfortably, his grad school options are more ambiguous than vanilla. It’s not at all clear that Stanford has any advanced programs in architectural studies…but Michigan does.

    Merely speculating on the possible cards on the table, if Jim Harbaugh has an extra scholarship and Michigan has a renown architectural grad program, Wayne’s best hand may include finishing his college career at Michigan. I doubt that his mother’s job is gimmick…or a major factor in his final decision. But, perhapsing is part of being a fan, huh?

  • downtownlongbeach90802

    To my understanding, Wayne Lyons is receiving his Stanford undergraduate degree in the field of Architecture. Unfortunately, the university does not offer a Masters in that particular field whereas the University Of Michigan has a graduate program which is rated as one of the ten best in the country. This being the case, I understand the logic behind his transfer. It isn’t just about football. He will have the opportunity to begin graduate school in his discipline while playing for Jim Harbaugh. Thus, as a Stanford fan I can’t be too upset with someone who wants to further advance his education.

  • Candid One

    You restate my comment…with less verbosity.

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