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15 Stanford classmates who could be your biggest startup investor

In November, The Dish Daily provided a breakdown of 21 Stanford professors who are venture capitalists.

Now, we are back with a list of students who intern or work for venture funds.

(Courtesy of LendingMemo via Creative Commons license.)

(Courtesy of LendingMemo via Creative Commons license.)

Anjney Midha (Economics and MCS), is an investment team member of First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund and according to his Linkedin, is also a partner at Kleiner Perkins.

Ernestine Fu (PhD and MBA), works at Alsop Louie, has graced the front cover of Forbes and was featured in Business Insider and multiple other publications. She also coleads a class in the spring called Lens of Venture Capital.

Other First Round Capital Dorm Room Fund team members; Adam Goldberg (Stanford CS), Amanda Bradford (MBA), Neal Khosla (Stanford CS). Neal Khosla’s father is Vinod Khosla, after whom Khosla Ventures is eponymously named.

Andreessen Horowitz: Krista Thayer (MBA), Market Development; and Stephanie Zhan (CS), Deal Team.

Canvas Venture Fund: Rick Barber (CS Masters) and Nir Blumberger (MBA)

Cowboy Ventures: Daniel Liem (CS) and Ramon Flores (CS)

Natalie Luu (MatSci), Accel-KKR and Y Combinator Campus Associate.

Andre De Haes (MBA), Index Ventures.

Innovation Endeavors (cofounded by Eric Schmidt and Dror Berman in 2010): Greg Greiner and Seth Werfel (PhD Political Science).

This post was originally published on before it was acquired by The Stanford Daily in summer 2014.