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Senior insights on Full Moon on the Quad 2013

Magali Sanchez: “To be honest, I actually haven’t heard anything about Full Moon on the Quad [this year]. I don’t know if I’m just not in tune with campus activities, but I was expecting there to be more hype around it. I haven’t heard much except from friends who are really intent on going. It’s a fun tradition! I just hope people stay safe, ask before doing anything and don’t get too sick.”

Tim Truong: “I’m not sure what I am to expect from Full Moon on the Quad other than the same usual things…herds of scared, nervous, wide-eyed freshman…seniors and upperclassmen walking around like they own the place cause it’s not our first time. I always find it slightly underwhelming, but when you’re a senior these events become more of a nostalgic opportunity than anything else.”

 Fabian Bock: “I’m really excited about the food trucks from 10 to 11 p.m. on Serra Street. I always get hungry around that time so that’ll definitely be the highlight of my night.”

Kim Huynh: “Not everyone should be naked.”

Jenny Barin: “I didn’t even go to last year’s Full Moon on the Quad. But since this is my senior year, I’m actually sort of looking forward to observing the tradition one last time. I guess I’m feeling weirdly sentimental.”

Neil Luu: “Full Moon on the Quad is one of those crazy traditions that I’m surprised Stanford continues to support, but it’s always an interesting experience for everyone. As an RA though, I hope there aren’t too many cases of mono.”

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