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Boy, have I been waiting a while to write that last sentence.: 7 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Hogan is just really, really in his rhythm right now and he's just finding all of his guys in space. Offense firing on all cylinders.: 8 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Wait what is this Stanford actually knows how to run a 2-minute drill?: 8 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Stanford's defense parties in Sean Mannion's face, and Stanford has 1:25 left to drive down the field before the halftime break.: 9 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Meanwhile OSU has 12 rushes for 2 yards.: 13 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Stanford on pace for 600 yards of offense. That'll win you games.: 13 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
The Flyin' Hawaiian, Luke Kaumatule, flies all the way into Sean Mannion's gut. 10-yard sack.: 13 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
RT @VihanL: Stanford has 4 TDs this half. That's in spite of two first quarter interceptions. Not too shabby: 16 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
Ruling on the field stands as called. Touchdown Stanford! Williamson makes it 28-7 Cardinal. The offense has awoken. About time too.: 17 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport
I'd much, much rather see a pass to a TE on the flat (a la WSU game) than the push with Skov. Just not a fan.: 18 mins ago, Stanford Daily Sport

Kurt Svoboda hired as new Media Relations head

Stanford announced the hiring of Kurt Svoboda as the new Senior Assistant Athletics Director of Media Relations & Communications on Tuesday, ending a six-month vacancy at the position that had been filled in the interim by Assistant Athletics Director of Football Administration Mike Eubanks.

Svoboda most recently held a similar position at Harvard, and will be the Department of Athletics’ primary media contact for football.

“[My family and I] deeply believe in the educational aspect of competitive sports and I greatly look forward to being part of this world-class institution and its tradition of excellence,” Svoboda said in a release.

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Joseph Beyda is the executive editor of The Stanford Daily. Previously he has worked as the football editor, a sports desk editor, the paper's summer managing editor and a beat reporter for football, baseball and women's soccer. He co-authored The Daily's recent football book, "Rags to Roses," and covered the soccer team's national title run for the New York Times. Joseph is a senior from Cupertino, Calif. majoring in Electrical Engineering. To contact him, please email jbeyda "at"
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