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Live blog: Stanford 50, Duke 13

We’ll be updating this page throughout tonight’s game between the Cardinal and the Blue Devils with play-by-play coverage and instant analysis. Please refresh this page for the most recent updates, and follow us on twitter @StanfordSports for additional coverage and analysis. All times are Pacific.

 7:20 PM: Thanks for joining us. In contrast to the severe weather that delayed some of the earlier games in the Northeast  today, weather conditions are looking perfect here at Stanford Stadium. Just 15 minutes until kickoff!

7:28 PM: The Red Zone student section is starting to fill up. Not many Duke fans in the stands, but that was expected.

7:32 PMStanford football players have just taken the field, greeted by a loud applause. They’re donning black uniforms tonight.

7:34 PM: Duke has won the toss and has elected to receive.

7:35 PM: Sizable crowd tonight. Nowhere near filling the entire stadium, but a vast improvement over last week’s game attendance.

7:36 PM: Jordan Williamson ready to kick the ball. Here we go…

7:37 PM: Duke will have the ball on its own 18. Sean Renfree at quarterback for the Blue Devils.

7:38 PM: False start by Duke. 1st and 15.

7:38 PM: Offsides called against the Cardinal defense. Stanford and Duke trading penalties early on here.

7:39 PM: Pass incomplete to Duke wideout Conner Vernon. 2nd and 10.

7:40 PM: Stanford senior Drew Terrell takes it to the house on the 66-yard punt return. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. Williamson tacks on the extra point, Stanford leads Duke 7-0 with 13:53 left in the first quarter.

7:42 PM: Terrell stated in preseason camp that his goal this season was to score a few touchdowns on punt returns. Well, he’s off to a good start.

7:44 PM: Williamson kicks the ball off. Vernon returns the ball 19 yards. 1st and 10 for Duke, the ball on its own 19.

7:45 PM: Josh Snead on the carry, gain of 3. Ben Gardner on the tackle for Stanford.

7:45 PM: Renfree dishes it out to Snead for a loss of 2. Chase Thomas made the tackle. 3rd and nine for Duke.

7:46 PM: Renfree’s pass is incomplete. Safety Ed Reynolds was there to break up the play. Consecutive three-and-outs for the Blue Devils offense.

7:47 PM: Quarterback Josh Nunes takes the field for the first time tonight.

7:48 PM: Nunes’ pass complete to Ty Montgomery on 2nd and 9. 33 yards on the reception. Career long pass for Nunes.

7:49 PM: 15-yard pass completion to Stepfan Taylor. Stanford offense running efficiently in the early going. 1st and 10 from the Duke 25.

7:50 PM: Anthony Wilkerson carries for an 8 yard gain. 2nd and 2.

7:50 PM: Taylor goes backwards, losing a yard. 3rd and 3 for the Cardinal on the Duke 18.

7:51 PM: Nunes’ pass is incompletion. Linebacker CJ France broke up the play. 4th and 3.

7:51 PM: Williamson nails the field goal with plenty to spare, capping off a successful 55-yard drive. Stanford leads Duke 10-0 with 8:52 left in the first quarter.

7:54 PM: Duke brings the ball out to its own 17 on the kickoff. Jarek Lancaster makes the tackle for Stanford.

7:55 PM: Shayne Skov makes his first tackle in almost an year. 2nd and 1 for Duke.

7:56 PM: Renfree completes the pass, but for no gain. 2nd and 10 coming up.

7:57 PM: Pass completed to Desmond Scott. Chase Thomas on the tackle. 3rd and 9, Blue Devils.

7:58 PM: Duke unable to convert on 3rd and long. Stanford declines holding penalty.

7:59 PM: On 4th and 9, Will Monday punts the ball for 44 yards. Terrell steps out of bounds at the Stanford 25.

8:00 PM: Nunes & Co. trots back out to the field for its second drive of the game. 1st and 10 from its 25.

8:01 PM: Stepfan Taylor on the carry, gain of 3. 2nd and 7.

8:01 PM: Nunes passes to wideout Kelsey Young off the play-action, gain of 8. Young’s first college reception. 3rd and 4 at the Stanford 31.

8:02 PM: Pass intended for Levine Toilolo, but broken up by the Duke secondary. 4th and 4. Daniel Zychlinski to punt for Stanford.

8:02 PM: 44-yard punt for Zychlinski.

8:02 PM: Conner Vernon on the reception, gain of 5. 2nd and 5 for the Blue Devils on their own 30.

8:04 PM: Juwan Thompson on the carry. No gain, Chase Thomas with the tackle. 3rd and 5.

8:04 PM: Pass is complete to Vernon. Stanford corner Barry Browning runs him out of bounds, gain of 4. 4th and 1, Duke electing to punt with the ball in their own territory.

8:05 PM: Ball takes a couple of bounces, rolls out of bounds at the Stanford 22. A 47-yard punt.

8:06 PM: Taylor on the carry for the Cardinal. Gain of four. 2nd and 6 from the Stanford 27.

8:07 PM: Nunes’ pass incomplete, intended for Toilolo. Can’t blame Nunes for trying to get the ball early to the 6-foot-8 tight end early on. 3rd and 6

8:08 PM: Pass complete to Drew Terrell. Gain of 12, 1st and 10 for the Cardinal.

8:08 PM: Nunes’ pass complete to Zach Ertz. Gain of 43. 1st and 10 on the Duke 18. A career long pass and reception of Nunes and Ertz, respectively.

8:09 PM: Taylor on the carry, gain of 3. 2nd and 7 on the Duke 15.

8:11 PM: Nunes shows some nifty moves to avoid the sack, but pass is incomplete, intended for Montgomery. 3rd and 7.

8:12 PM: Pass incomplete, intended for Ertz. Duke starting to bring the heat on Nunes with its blitzes. 4th and 7.

8:13 PM: Williamson’s field goal is GOOD. Stanford leads Duke 13-0 with 1:23 left in the first quarter.

8:14 PM: Vernon returns the kickoff for 15 yards. 1st anad 10 from the Duke 20.

8:15 PM: 1-yard reception by Scott. 2nd and 9.

8:15 PM: Screen out to Scott, gain of 4. Alex Debniak on the tackle. 3rd and 5.

8:15 PM: Cardinal brings extra men on the pass rush, Renfree is sacked by Debniak and Trent Murphy. 6 yard loss on the sack. That completes the first quarter. Stanford 13, Duke 0.

8:16 PM: Nunes was 5-of-10 for 104 yards in the first quarter.

8:20 PM: 1st and 10 for the Cardinal from its own 44.

8:20 PM: Taylor on the direct snap, Young on the handoff. Pickup off 11, 1st and 10 from the Duke 45.

8:21 PM: Pass complete to Taylor. Gain of 9. 2nd and 2 for the Cardinal.

8:22 PM: Pass intended for Montgomery, incomplete. 3rd and 2 at the Duke 37.

8:22 PM: First down pass is complete to Ertz. Gain of 6, first down Stanford at the Duke 31.

8:23 PM: Nunes’ pass sails over the head of Montgomery. Corbin McCarthy on the coverage for Duke. 2nd and 10.

8:24 PM: Ricky Seale on the carry. Tackle by Duke’s Austin Gamble.3rd and 7.

8:25 PM: Pass intended for Toilolo, flag is down the play. Pass interference on Duke.

8:26 PM: Taylor gets into the endzone untouched. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. Williamson’s PAT is good, Stanford leads Duke 20-0 with 11:47 to go in the second quarter.

8:29 PM: Williamson drive the ball deep, touchback. Duke gets the ball on its own 25-yard line. 1st and 10 for Duke.

8:30 PM: Skov recovers the fumbled ball for Stanford. Duke commits its first turnover of the game.

8:32 PM: Ruling on the field was overturned. Incomplete.

8:33 PM: Juwan Thomas the intended receiver, pass is incomplete. 4th and 2 for Duke. Terrell back to receive.

8:34 PM: Stanford gets the ball back at its on 38. Toilolo wide open. Gain of 38, 1st and down for Stanford at Duke 24.

8:35 PM: Taylor on the carry, 13-yard gain. 1st and 10 at the Duke 11. That’s the 10th first down for Stanford.

8:37 PM: Nunes had Ertz open in the end zone, but threw way behind him. 2nd 10.

8:38 PM: Montgomery on the reception. Gain of 6. Tackle made by Justin Foxx. 3rd and 4 at the Duke 5. Stanford looking to punch it in once again.

8:39 PM: Pass intended for Toilolo, incomplete. 4th and 4 for the Cardinal from the Duke 5. Williamson on for the field goal attempt. Zychlinski on the hold.

8:40 PM: 24-yard field goal is GOOD. Williamson now 5-for-5 on the year. Stanford leads 23-0 with 8:52 left in the first half. A 7-play, 57-yard drive that took just 1:58. Ertz, Montgomery, Terrell tri-leading in Stanford receptions so far.

8:42 PM: 1st and 10 for Duke on its own 25. Thompson on the carry, very little gain. 2nd and 9.

8:44 PM: Renfree’s pass complete to Jamison Crowder, gain of 1. 3rd and 8 for the Blue Devils, who haven’t been able to muster anything on offense thus far.

8:45 PM: Thompson drops the pass. Duke punt unit back out on the field again. 45 yards on the punt by Monday.

8:46 PM: Taylor on the carry for Stanford. No gain on the play. 2nd and 10 at the Duke 18.

8:47 PM: Taylor gains 10 on the ground. 1st and 10 for Stanford at the Duke 28.

8:48 PM: Delay of game called against Stanford. Cardinal backed up to the 23, 1st and 15.

8:48 PM: Nunes’ pass intended for Ertz is picked off. First turnover for Stanford tonight and first career interception for Nunes. 1st and 10 for Duke on Stanford 38.

8:49 PM: Duke calls its first timeout. Coach Cutliffe trying to figure out the stingy Cardinal defense.

8:52 PM: Thompson on the carry for the Blue Devils, gain of 5. James Vaughters on the tackle for the Card. 2nd and 5 now.

8:53 PM: Pass complete to Thompson for a Duke first down. 1st and 10 at the Stanford 22.

8:54 PM: Pass complete for a loss of one yard. 2nd and 11.

8:54 PM: Vernon carries the ball on the reverse, no gain. 3rd and 11 at the Stanford 23.

8:55 PM: Pass complete to Gattis. Gain of 9. Tackle made by Skov. 4th and 2 and it appears that the Blue Devils will be going for it.

8:55 PM: Pass incomplete, intended for Vernon. Duke turns it over on downs. 1st and 10 for Stanford, on its own 14.

8:56 PM: Taylor gains 5 yards on the carry. 2nd and 5.

8:57 PM: Taylor on the carry, gain of 6. Stanford moves the chains for its 12th first down. 1st and down from its own 25.

8:57 PM: Pass intended for Montgomery, incomplete. Broken up by Lee Butler. 2nd and 10.

8:58 PM: Taylor bounces outside, picks up 6 yards. Taylor now third on Stanford all-time rushing list. 3rd and 4.

8:59 PM: Nunes is sacked by Kenny Anunike. 4th and 16, Stanford punting unit comes out. Duke calls its second timeout with 1:27 left in the first half.

9:00 PM: Butler on the punt return, brings the ball out to Duke’s 49. 1st and 10.

9:00 PM: Pass complete to Scott. Lancaster on the coverage for Stanford. 2nd and 7 coming up.

9:01 PM: Pass complete to Vernon. 1st down Duke, its third first down. Duke running its hurry-up offense now.

9:01 PM: Renfree scrambles for 6. 2nd and 4 at Stanford 22.

9:02 PM: Another completion for 6 yards. 1st and 10 at Cardinal 16.

9:02 PM: Pass intended for Issa Blakeney, but broken up. 2nd and 10.

9:03 PM: Pass complete to Blakeney this time. Lancaster on the tackle for the Card. Ball on the Stanford 12, 3rd and six coming up for the Blue Devils. Duke will use its final timeout.

9:04 PM: Pass intended for Blakeney again, but incomplete. 4th and 6  for Duke. Blue Devils bring out their field goal unit.

9:05 PM: Ross Martin’s 29-yard field goal attempt is GOOD. Stanford now leads Duke 23-3 with 0:12 left in the first half.

9:06 PM: Nunes takes a kneel to complete the first half. Stanford 23, Duke 3.

9:08 PM: Some first half stats – Nunes was 9-of-21 for 162 yards and an interception. Taylor rushed for 63 yards on 12 carries. Ertz had 2 receptions for 49 yards, including a 43-yard haul. Thomas led the defense with six tackles, one of which was for a loss. Stanford was 2-of-7 in converting on third downs.

9:26 PM: The second half now under way. Stanford will receive the ball, hoping to get off to a faster start than last week against San Jose State.

9:27 PM: Duke showing some trickery with the onside kick, but Stanford recovers the ball. 1st and 10 on the Duke 42.

9:29 PM: Nunes starts off the second half for the Cardinal with a completion to Toilolo, gain of 18 yards. Ball on Duke 25, 1st and 10.

9:30 PM: Pass complete to Terrell, gain of 8. Tackle made by Duke’s Butler. 2nd and 2 from the Duke 17.

9:31 PM: False start by Stanford’s Kevin Danser. 5 yard penalty, ball moved back to the Duke 22. 2nd and 7.

9:32 PM: Nunes’ connects with Taylor, gain of 3. 3rd and 4 coming up.

9:33 PM: Nunes finds Terrell, who beat the one-on-one coverage near the sideline, in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. Official review confirms the call. Williamson tacks on the extra point, STanford now leads Duke 30-3.

9:36 PM: Vernon takes the kickoff from the goal line. Penalty on the Blue Devils, Duke will begin its first drive of the second half from is own 6-yard line.

9:38 PM: Snead on the carry for the Blue Devils. Gain of 3, 3rd and 6 coming up. Ball on the Duke 10.

9:38 PM: Renfree’s pass is INTERCEPTED by Jordan Richards. Henry Anderson credited with the tip.

9:39 PM: 1st and goal for STanford at the Duke 8. Let’s see if the Card can capitalize off Duke’s turnover.

9:40 PM: Taylor carries the ball for 5 yards. Ball on the Duke 3, 2nd and goal.

9:41 PM: TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. Toilolo on the touchdown reception. Second touchdown pass for Nunes on the night, capping off a 2-play, 8-yard drive. Wiliamson’s PAT is good. With 10:41 left in the third quarter, Stanford leads Duke 37-3.

9:43 PM: Touchback on the kickoff. Duke will begin the drive on its own 25-yard line.

9:44 PM: Thompson on the run. David Parry on the stop for the Cardinal. No gain on the play, 2nd and 10.

9:44 PM: Renfree’s pass good for 30 yards. Alex Carter on the tackle for Stanford. 1st and 10 on the Stanford 45.

9:45 PM: Murphy sacks Renfree before he can get the ball off. 2nd and 17.

9:46 PM: Pass incomplete, intended for Vernon. 3rd and 17 at the Duke 48. The Blue Devils have not been very successful in converting third downs so far…

9:47 PM: But converts this one. Renfree’s long pass puts Duke at the Stanford 18.

9:47 PM: Browning on the stop. 2nd and 8 for the Blue Devils.

9:48 PM: Renfree’s pass deflected by Usua Amanam. 3rd and 8 at the Stanford 15.

9:49 PM: Pass complete to Snead, but short of the first down. Tackle made by Browning. Martin’s 20-yard field goal is GOOD, caps of 9-play, 63-yard drive. Stanford 37, Duke 6 mid-way through the third quarter.

9:51 PM: Crowd attendance tonight is 44,016

9:52 PM: Alex Carter brings the ball out to the 27-yard line for the Cardinal on the kickoff.

9:52 PM: Fullback Patrick Skov on the carry, gain of 3. Tackle made by Gamble. 2nd and 7 at the Stanford 30.

9:53 PM: Taylor carries the ball for 3 yards. France with the stop, 3rd and 3 at the Stanford 33.

9:54 PM: Nunes misses an open Terrell. Canty on the coverage. 4th and 4 for the Cardinal, Zychlinski back to punt.

9:55 PM: Duke will get the ball back on its own 19 yard-line. 1st and 10.

9:57 PM: Renfree’s pass complete to Vernon. Gain of 6. 2nd and 4. Kevin Anderson on the coverage.

9:58 PM: Pass complete to Vernon, good for a first down. 1st and 10 on the Duke 38. Stop made by Ed Reynolds.

9:59 PM: Scott with the reception. Jordan Richards makes the top 1st and 10 from the Duke 48.

9:59 PM: Snead carries the ball for no gain. Debniak makes the stop. 2nd and 10.

9:59 PM: Pass incomplete to Vernon. 3rd and 10.

9:59 PM: Renfree’s pass is INTERCEPTED by Ed Reynolds for a pick six. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 71-yard return by Reynolds, who made a critical pick in last week’s game against San Jose State. Williamson’s PAT is no good, blocked by Butler. With 4:15 left in the third quarter, Stanford leads Duke 43-6.

10:01 PM: Offensively, Stanford has 210 yards through the air and 74 yards on the ground.

10:01 PM: Williamson ready for the kickoff. 18-yard return for Duke. 1st and 10. New quarterback in for the Blue Devils, Anthony Boone.

10:03 PM: Pass is incomplete, intended for Scott. 2nd and 10, ball on the Duke’s own 18.

10:03 PM: Shaquille Howell loses a yard on the carry. 3rd and 11.

10:04 PM: Pass complete to Crowder, who takes it to the Stanford 31. 51-yard pass. Longest pass for either team tonight. Ball resting on the Stanford 31.

10:04 PM: Boone on the keeper, loses a couple. David Parry on the tackle. 2nd and 12.

10:05 PM: Pass is complete to David Reeves. Lancaster and Carter on the tackle for Stanford. 3rd and 7.

10:06 PM: Pass intended for Crowder, broken up by Carter. Roughing the passer called on Skov, automatic first down for Duke. Ball on the Stanford 14.

10:07 PM: Duncan on the carry, gaine of 8. Lancaster comes up with the stop. 2nd and 2, ball on the Stanford 6.

10:08 PM: 1st and goal from the Stanford 4. Brandon Connette punches it in on the ground. Martin’s PAT is good, makes it Stanford 43-12.

10:10 PM: Carter returning the kickoff for Stanford, bringing it to the 28-yard line. 1st and 10.

10:11 PM: Remound Wright the ball carrier for the Cardinal. Duke’s Jonathan Woodruff on the tackle. No gain on the play. That wraps up the third quarter.

10:12 PM: Stanford will have the ball on its own 28 to begin the fourth quarter, 2nd and 10.

10:14 PM: Pass incomplete, intended for Kodi Whitfield. 3rd and 10 for the Card.

10:16 PM: Delay of game on Nunes. 5-yard penalty, now 3rd and 15 from the Stanford 23.

10:17 PM: Wright shows his open-field skills, breaks off for a huge gain. Facemask penalty on Burton, tacking on another 15 yards. Ball on the Duke 27, 1st and 10.

10:18 PM: What a catch by wideout Jamal-Rashad Patterson. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 27-yard reception by Patterson. Williamson tacks on the extra point, Stanford now leads Duke 50-13 with 14:18 left in the game.

10:21 PM: Fans are already starting to leave the stadium now. Duke will start its possession on its own 27-yard line.

10:23 PM: Snead on the carry, gain of 1. 2nd and 9, ball on the Duke 28.

10: 23 PM: Pass complete to Crowder for a 21-yard gain. Ball resting on the Duke 49.

10:24 PM: Pass complete to Gattis, gain of 5. Terrence Brown on the tackle. 2nd and 5 from the Stanford 47.

10:25 PM: Crowder with the reception. Tackle made by AJ Tarpley. Gain of 8, first down Duke.

10:25 PM: Scott hauls in the catch. 2nd and 4, ball on Stanford 33.

10:26 PM: Duncan no gain on the carry, taken down by Josh Mauro. 3rd and 4 for the Blue Devils.

10:26 PM: Pass reception by Crowder, advancing the ball to the Stanford 28. Brown with the stop, 1st and 10 on the Stanford 28.

10:27 PM: Boone on the keeper, loss of 3. Anderson on the coverage for the Cardinal. 2nd and 13.

10:27 PM: Pass over the head of Duncan. 3rd down and 13 coming up for the Blue Devils.

10:28 PM: Boone takes a shot at the end zone, but Richards break up the pass. 4th and 13 and Duke is going for it.

10:29 PM: Pass is INTERCEPTED by Reynolds, his second of the night. 50 yards on the return. The last Stanford player to have 2 interceptions was Delano Howell against Washington in 2009.

10:30 PM: Brett Nottingham in at quarterback for the Card.

10:31 PM: Ricky Seale on the carry for Stanford, gain of 5. Duke’s Canty on the stop.

10:32 PM: Skov on the reception, gain of 4. Burton with the tackle. 3rd and 1 at the Duke 28.

10:34 PM: Wright rumbles ahead for 3 yards. First down, Stanford.

10:34 PM: Wright on the carry again, gain of 2. Canty on the tackle. 2nd and 8 coming up for the Cardinal.

10:35 PM: Stanford just running down the clock now. Nottingham’s pass to Luke Kamatule is incompete. 3rd and 8 at the Duke 23.

10:36 PM: Catch made by Patterson, gain of 2. 4th and 8. 38-yard attempt for Williamson coming up.

10:36 PM: Kick is NO GOOD. Score remains Stanford 50, Duke 13.

10:37 PM: Crowder gains yards with the reception. 2nd and 8 at the Duke 23. Crowder now has 100 receiving yards.

10:40 PM: Pass is complete to Scott, gain of 5. 3rd and 3 for the Blue Devils.

10:41 PM: From the Wildcat, Connette on the keeper. Firs down, Duke. Ball resting on the Duke 31.

10:41 PM: Pass caught by Gattis. Amanam comes up with the tackle. 1st and 10.

10:42 PM: Howell the ball carrier, tackle made by Mauro and Debniak. Gain of 2 on the play, 2nd and 6 coming up.

10:42 PM: Boone on the keeper. Amanam makes the stop. 3rd and 6, ball on the Duke 45.

10:43 PM: Pass is complete to Crowder, gain of 11. First down, Duke.

10:44 PM: Gattis on the 5-yard reception. Tackle by Amanam and Anderson. 2nd and 5 for the Blue Devils.

10:45 PM: Pass is incomplete by Boone. Martinez with the pressure, 3rd and 5.

10:46 PM: Pass is incomplete, intended for Crowder. Duke going for it on 4th and 5 with 2:09 left in the game.

10:46 PM: First down pass is complete to Eric Sneider. Gain of 13, 1st and 10 for Duke.

10:47 PM: Pass incomplete. 2nd and 10.

10:47 PM: Pass intended for Crowder, incomplete. This brings up 3rd and 10, ball resting on the Stanford 26.

10:48 PM: Fumble by Boone on the keeper. Ball recovered by Stanford. Duke TURNOVER.

10:51 PM: Stanford gets the ball on its own 16-yard line. Nottingham takes a kneel to burn down the clock.

10:52 PM: Nottingham takes the final kneel. FINAL SCORE: Stanford 50, Duke 13

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