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7-3 Colorado with 11:59 left in the second quarter. Buffs drive 73 yards in 9 plays.: 4 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Touchdown Colorado. Liufau hits Shay Fields in the end zone for a 15 yard touchdown. Alijah Holder was on the coverage.: 5 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
There's another sack for @SollyThomas90. Loss of four and kills some Colorado momentum.: 6 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Liufau pitches outside to Shay fields who races out for a first down. Colorado looking to exploit Stanford LBs early and often.: 8 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Colorado on pace for 96 yards of offense in this game. Stanford defense has been suffocating so far: 11 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Alijah Holder's return has been huge for the Stanford defense so far. The return of the Holder/Meeks duo has done wonders: 16 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
This is the first time Stanford has scored first since UCLA 4 weeks ago: 24 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Big difference between first two drives has been Stanford offensive line, which has set up Love's run and Burns's pass to Dalton Schultz: 30 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
A big drive for Joey Alfieri and a convincing first look from the Stanford defense. Both offenses could struggle today: 38 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Depth chart listed McCaffrey or Rector or Love for primary KR, but looks like Stanford is easing him back in: 45 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports

Sailing recruit takes lead in championships

With nine top-five finishes in 10 races, Stanford sailing recruit Mateo Vargas is currently in first place at the U.S. Youth Championships in Los Angeles with one day of racing left.

Vargas is at the top of the field of 27 in the Radial Division, having finished seventh or better in each race. His performances include a race victory and four second-place finishes over three days of sailing. Vargas moved into first in the standings after third and second place performances in the day’s two races, while prior leader Mitchell Kiss finished 11th and seventh.

Other Stanford recruits in the event include the 29er-Division team of Helena Scutt and Katy Cenname, in fifth place, and Laser-Division sailor Kevin Laube, in 10th place. Joining Vargas in the Radial Division are Molly McKinney and Sally Mace, currently in 22nd and 24th place, respectively.

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