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New iPhone Discovered

There was a huge amount of buzz in the apple world this weekend after Engadget posted the discovery of what may be the new iPhone that’s been rumored to be released this June. It was found after someone apparently left it behind at a bar near Apple’s Cupertino campus. Gizmodo now has the actual device and has written up a detailed review of what they’ve discovered so far. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s different

  • It now has a flat back and sharp edges to compensate for the thinner profile
  • Better back camera with a flash
  • Front-facing camera
  • Higher resolution display
  • Metallic side buttons, volume buttons now split into two separate pieces
  • MicroSIM card
  • Microphone on top in addition to the existing bottom one (presumably for noise cancellation)

Additionally it has a larger battery than that of the 3GS and is 3 ounces heavier. Also everything appears to be more square like in the design, a huge change from the roundedness of the past two iPhones.

Let us know what you think!